The Top 5 Outdoor Umbrellas – How to Choose the Right One For You!

Outdoor umbrellas are a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and still have protection from the sun. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, evolving into a variety of styles, colors, shapes and materials to suit today’s modern lifestyle.

The right outdoor umbrella is the secret to enhancing your outdoor room’s decor. Choose a design that matches your décor and complements your outdoor furniture. Also, ensure its cover is made of sun resistant high quality acrylic fabric that comes with a guarantee.

Here are the top five popular outdoor umbrellas:

1. Aluminum Market Umbrellas

These large ‘café-style’ modern umbrellas are the popular choice today. They feature a contemporary octagonal shape that offers maximum coverage all day long. Aluminum market umbrellas are lightweight and easy to maneuver, while remaining strong and durable. In addition, they do not rust, so you can enjoy them for many years to come. Their specialty features include electronic push button operation and automatic tilting for easy use. You find them highlighting the outdoor areas of many cafes, restaurants and commercial spaces, or creating a stylish view poolside.

2. Wood Market Umbrellas

Inspired by the Parisian and Italian sidewalk cafes, wood market umbrellas add rustic chic to any outdoor space. Although they can range in price and timbers, the highest quality available are the elegant and sophisticated teak umbrellas. Wood market umbrellas with a sturdy teak stand, not only look great, but also last longer. The teak is naturally insect and water resistant, and strong enough withstand a storm. Furthermore, teak’s natural brown honey color, offers good looks without the need for painting or polishing. Wood market umbrellas are always the discerning choice for complementing elegant timber furniture settings.

3. Traditional Garden Umbrellas

Traditional garden umbrellas have graced the centerpiece of patio sets for many years. These time-honored classics feature a bell shaped canopy and tend to be smaller than standard umbrellas. They are ideal to use in small patios or courtyards, and in some cases, portable enough to take to the beach.

4. Fiberglass Rib Umbrellas

In the past, fiberglass umbrellas have been the most expensive umbrella on the market, making them inaccessible to the average family. Now with new fiberglass rib umbrellas, every home can take advantage of these superior wind resistant umbrellas for their outdoor space. Four times stronger than metal or timber frames, the University of Miami found that their strong fiberglass frame can bend and flex in winds up to 50 mph. Unlike a metal rib arm, when the fiberglass rib arm flexes, it has the ability to spring back to its original shape.

5. Offset Patio Umbrellas

Recent trends in the outdoor shade industry have seen unique and flexible offset patio umbrellas emerge. Also known as a cantilever umbrella, they are new ‘must have’ in the home and garden industry.

Designed to cover large areas, you can position them to one side, or offset from a central location. They are ideal for restricted spaces that cannot utilize a standard patio umbrella. Their versatility also makes them perfect to angle over a pool, hot tub, or children’s play area, allowing your family to enjoy the outdoors without harsh exposure to the sun.

Outdoor umbrellas have a come a long way from their humble beginnings. Once just a practical apparatus to provide shade, they are now an integral design feature in every outdoor entertaining area.

Popular Outdoor Lighting In Virtually Any Style!

You may be looking for the most alluring lamps possible, or simply something that will light your mailbox or house number. Sometimes, you can do both, enhancing the beauty of your home, garden, pond, any elaborate landscaping or even a simple, well-trimmed lawn, with an amazing outdoor lamp.

One of the most impressive outdoor lamps I have seen is the post light designed in a style that is almost a combination of antique and modern looks. These lamps have glass that is blown with imperfections and slightly stained to provide the appearance of flames. Two such light posts installed at the end of your driveway, for example, are a lovely addition to any home. They are inviting and enticing, yet inexpensive and quite simple. Of course, post lamps come in all kinds of designs, and you can even have your lamp post custom designed especially to best suit your personal taste.

I love the look of teak, stainless steel and so on. Metal lamps look great mounted on stone walls, brick walls, any non-wooden surface such as a wall or shed. Nonetheless, there are colorful LED lamps that can be installed on or near wooden surfaces without risking heat damage or any other potential fire hazard. There are virtually all kinds of styles of outdoor lighting that will be the perfect answer for you – no matter what lighting styles you prefer!

This is just an introduction to the many, virtually endless possibilities available to you for both indoor and outdoor lighting. If you are throwing a party, party lights are of course, aesthetically pleasing and in addition they add to the ambiance of “livin’ it up” fun. Party lights come in a wide variety of styles. Everything from bright and festive to, plain and elegant, to sparkling and luxurious can be found among the many, many kinds of party lights on the market today.

Indoor lights are becoming more and more of a beautiful home décor accessory, from lamps, to ceiling lights, to chandeliers, and more, there is much to choose from. For an indoor garden, some people are making a statement with indoor lights similar in appearance to outdoor lights to enhance the overall design – no matter what it is! Be stylish in your own personal way. Make a statement right on your own property. Having a home is wonderful, and making it look the very best it possibly can is much more simple than you might believe.

Price indoor lights, outdoor lights and other accessories for your home and find out how to improve your home. Sometimes it does not take very much to make your place more elegant, stylish, and pleasing to the eye, it can be inexpensive or elaborate – no matter what kind of look you are going for. Illuminate your home with the right lighting merchandise and you can add to the ambiance of your personal space. Relax and unwind with a beautiful home environment chosen especially by you and for you.

Popular Outdoor Party Games For Kids

Are you throwing a party for your child and want to know some popular kids outdoor party games you can use to entertain your child’s friends. You want to make sure that the games are fun, yet simple to plan and execute. Below are some popular kids outdoor party games that you can use at your next party to assure that everyone will have a good time.

Balloon War

In this game, separate the kids into a few teams. Give each team 5 balloons. One person in each team will be chosen to guard the team’s balloons. Two or more kids on the team will be snatchers, it will be their job to try and snatch the balloons from the other team. The remaining kids on the team will create forts and guard the balloons from the opposing snatchers. Set a time limit. After time runs out, the team with the most balloons wins.


From the group of kids, choose one kid to start as the thrower. The rest of the kids will be catchers. The thrower will throw either a ball or a frisbee toward the group. When the thrower throws the ball or frisbee, he will yell out a number between 50 and 500. If the ball or frisbee is caught, the person catching it will receive the number of points that were yelled out. The first kid to get 500 points gets to be the next thrower and the game continues.

Bucket Toss

Start by putting water in five buckets. Then line the buckets up, they should be in a line with the first bucket being close and the fifth bucket being the farthest away. Mark a line that is approximately ten feet away. Each kid will stand at the line and and try to toss a ball into the buckets. The kid must throw the first ball in the closest bucket, the second in the second closest, and so on. If the kid misses a bucket or throws the ball in a bucket out of order, then the kid loses his turn. The first kid to throw the ball into each of the five buckets in order wins.

Human Knot

The kids will form a circle. Each kid grabs and holds two other kid’s hands at random. The next step is to have the group try and untangle the human knot without letting go. The kids may have to crawl under other kids or climb over them. Once the knot is untangled the game is over, with everyone winning and learning a little about teamwork.

Get More Ideas

The above are only a few popular kids outdoor party games ideas. There are tons of other games out there. Talk with other parents and see what type of games they have played. You can also find great resources in books or on the Internet that describe many other available popular kids outdoor party games.