Duck Hunting – A Popular Outdoor Sport Activity

Going back to pre-historic times, hunting of wild ducks and geese was a very common practice in order to serve their appetite and survive. But in today’s age of wireless technology and advance science, hunting of ducks and geese is still a very common practice as a very popular outdoor sport.

A hunting blind is necessary equipment that forms an important element in the hunting process. The types of blinds have changed a lot since pre-historic times. Nowadays there are wide ranges of blinds to choose from. Depending on the intended use, the blinds can be temporary or permanent. If you are an over the water hunter, you have an unlimited options of blinds. In cases of temporary blinds, there are choices like marsh grasses, clump of natural vegetation or a hidden place of a tree. Temporary blinds are just perfect for those protected areas where fixture of permanent blind is not allowed. Otherwise, permanent blinds that are mostly made out of plywood work great.

Furthermore, there are different types of blinds for land and field based hunting too, which are known as pit blinds and layout blinds. Just as the name indicates, a pit blind is a structure made of solid material and fitted into a hole made in the ground. It can also be placed in the bank of the water body. You can also cover the pit in a number of ways using sticks, leaves and twigs to make it more realistic and perfectly camouflaged. On the other hand, a layout blind is made with canvas and a metal frame and does not require any digging. All that has to be done is crawl inside and lie down and just as the birds are seen coming, the hunter can easily sit up and shoot.

Lastly you have your own ideas and options to make your blinds look more natural. The most important is that good choice of blind is paramount in the case of waterfowl hunting. An effective blind can only help keep the hunter’s movements from being unnoticed.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Extends the Grilling Season

While the indoor kitchen has long been the heart of the home, the luxury outdoor kitchen is quickly becoming the heart of the backyard. This trend has turned grilling into a year-round event with families increasingly enjoying the warmth of summer grilling from fall to spring.

Today’s homeowners are transforming their backyard patios into outdoor spaces fit for everything from a harvest fall feast to a joyful holiday gathering.

The outdoor kitchen offers many options for holiday cooking and entertaining. As summer turns to fall, transition your menu from ribs to roasts and expand with delicious grilled desserts and a variety of rotisserie items. Outdoor kitchens also offer more flexibility when hosting big family gatherings, so you can grill and cook while in the midst of the party, instead of away from everyone in the indoor kitchen.

Today’s grill is a commercial-style cooking machine with sleek styling and refined features. The sophisticated Lynx Professional Grill for instance, lets you grill and cook your meats, fish, and vegetables just like a professional restaurant chef. But in a luxury outdoor kitchen, the grill is just the beginning.

These kitchens are fully equipped to perform as well as their indoor counterpart with all the appliances needed to make storing, preparing, cooking, and warming food-and cleaning up-easy and convenient. The most popular appliances include cocktail stations, outdoor refrigerators, outdoor ice machines, side burners, warming drawers, access doors (for storage and to reach gas lines and plumbing), utility drawers, and trash centers.

These custom-built luxury outdoor kitchens are constructed using the finest, weather-resistant materials. An island made of steel, wood, bricks, or stone-which includes solid surfaces or tile countertops and cabinet doors-houses the grill and appliances. Patio covers, fireplaces or fire pits, high-end fabrics, lighting, and seating add to the luxurious look of the outdoor kitchens, as do flooring choices like concrete, tiles, slate, and cobblestones. Popular outdoor kitchen layouts also include protection from inclement weather, so the wind can howl while your family dines by the warmth of the grill.

The look and feel of today’s luxury outdoor grills are also changing as advances-including weather resistance-are made in everything from textiles to cabinet doors and countertops. Design and color styles are changing too, with the rustic country and contemporary modern looks becoming popular.

Grill Tips for the Fall/Holiday Season: Take the chill out of cool temperatures and enjoy your outdoor kitchen year-round. According to the HPBA report, the majority of grill owners use their grills year-round. Lynx has just introduced an infrared outdoor patio heater for just that reason. The rotisserie allows you to slow-cook meals for as many as 20 people. Create a portable outdoor kitchen by rolling up a second grill to the back door and extend your indoor kitchen with a range of grilled menu options.

Healthy living and better eating habits continually top the list of New Year’s resolutions. If you want to incorporate outdoor cooking in the new year, you should start planning now.

For more information on outdoor kitchens and holiday grilling tips and menus, you can visit or call your local Lynx dealer listed on page 13. You can also visit their website at

Popular Outdoor Furniture for Backyard Parties, Family Gatherings or Yard and Garden

It can be very accommodating and relaxing to have outdoor furniture in your yard. You can place furniture accessories in your front or back-yard depending on how much space you have. Outdoor furniture is useful for when you have outdoor parties, family gatherings or just a place for the family to hang out and spend time together. Some popular backyard furniture accessories to purchase include cedar bridges, picnic tables, cedar gliders or garden benches.

Picnic tables are great for gatherings with friends or families when you are hosting a barbeque or just a time to gather together and chat. When you have a few of them, children can sit at tables with each other to play games or eat and the adults can enjoy some cards and drinks together. Picnic tables can be especially cozy if you add a few umbrellas to keep out harmful sun rays too. To keep from getting splinters or to protect from hazardous weather conditions, you might think about purchasing a table cover your picnic table too.

If you have a talented carpenter in the family, you can build your own garden bridge or picnic table built to your requested customizations. Although, if you don’t have this luxury, you can still purchase noteworthy garden bridges, picnic tables or other quality outdoor furniture at home and garden centers and websites.

There are also a variety of picnic tables that you can buy as well. Some of these types include wooden picnic table with attached benches or moveable benches or with additional high back chairs. While you may not be able to buy them in one piece, some may require some assembly. Be sure you read the directions carefully!

Another relaxing piece of backyard furniture to own are cedar gliders. Cedar gliders can look almost rustic like or even have a country-type style. They are similar to a porch swing, but the main difference is that they sit on the ground. While you are relaxing in the glider, you simply glide back and forth just as you would in a swing. These are perfect for a lazy day of reading your favorite book in the yard. If you are looking for some quite privacy, you can also place on of these under a tree for some shade or in a place in your yard where you won’t be extremely close to the neighbors. After some time gliding away in one of these, in might even make a nice chatting place too. If you have multiple members in your family, you can always purchase a couple of these to sit in-one for the children and then the other for adults if you don’t want to buy one directly from a home and garden store, some specialized furniture stores might build one with custom sizes that you choose. You can have a large or small one-or perhaps even a combination of gliders built.

Garden benches are pretty accessories to place in a flower garden. These look beautiful sitting in a garden full of colorful flowers. Garden benches can be created just for decoration or they also can be an extra item to sit on in the yard. You can buy large or small garden benches, depending on what you will be using it for. If it will be used for relaxing, you might want to buy a larger one. For cute decorations, small garden benches will look lovely in any spring or summer flower garden. Garden benches can be made of cedar, bamboo, aluminum or even concrete. When you are buying a garden bench, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First you want to measure the area that you plan on placing the bench. This will help you decide on the size that you will need. Then you also need to keep your budget in mind so that you have an idea of how much money that you are willing to spend. Last of all, you can think of what type of material you want your garden bench to be made of. Once you have all of these questions answered, you can pick out the perfect bench for your garden.

All of these types of furniture make wonderful accessories to any front or back-yard. They are ideal for relaxing, family gathering or for just decoration. Whatever the cause for the purchase, all of them will look great, no matter where you place them.

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